• made of stainless steel
  • side wall thickness 2 mm
  • bottom thickness 3 mm + 2mm plate
  • 2 slides compatible with tippers made by different manufacturers
  • 4 wheels with tilt
  • reinforced corners of the upper edge
  • 4 wheels with tilt
  • capacity 200l or 300l
  • electropolished
Art. number:     BMCY
Capacity:     200 l or 300 l
Material:     Stainless steel with smooth surface
Side walls thickness:     2 mm
Bottom:     reinforced with an additional 3 mm thick board
Handles:     2 slides compatible with machine lifts from many manufacturers
Edging:     reinforced with a Ø14 mm rod, rolled up, welded along the entire length
Base:     4 wheels with tilt
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