Vibratory conveyor

The Boxmech vibratory conveyor is a device that works well in the process of processing vegetables and fruits. Thanks to the use of a vibrating basin with appropriate slots, a product larger than mesh of the sieve moves along the entire length of  table to finally reach  discharge, which can be directed to further line stations. Smaller product falls to the bottom of the bathtub, from where it is directed to the container. The vibratory conveyor is made of AISI304 stainless steel.
Art. number: BMWSO
Width 1440 mm
Lenght 2344 mm
Height 1950 mm
Working length 1830 mm
Working width 1000 mm
Discharge height 950 mm
Charge height 1200 mm
Weight approx. 560 kg
Power supply 400 V
Power 1,8 kW
Vibration drive 2 pc.
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