The device is intended for mixing doughs with a low water content. The system of ZZ type mixers ensures thorough mixing of all ingredients with simultaneous preparation of the product.

Technical data:
- Overall dimensions (width x depth x length): 2020x970x1820mm
- Drive parameters: SIEMENS
- Power: 11 kW
- Torque: 3750 Nm
- Mixer rotation speed: 24-36 rpm
- Speed ​​regulation type: smooth
- Mixer arrangement: Type "Z"
- Mixer work type: Opposite
- Seals: Teflon cord
- Maximum tipping angle: 110 degrees
- Tipping time: max. 20 s.
- Working volume: 250 dm3
- Maximum volume of the tank: 320 dm3
- Control type: PLC, touch panel
- Program: Various mix programs available
- Recipes: You can create recipes
- Tank heating and cooling: option - water heating and cooling in the working part of the tank, the factor is provided by the buyer
- Machine weight: 1400 kg (without cooling fluid)
- Bearing: Double
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