Pallet truck

Pallet truck BMPWRU4  is intended for use in places where a high level of hygiene rules is required. It is perfect solution for meat and fish processing plants as well as dairy and other food processing lines. It is made of AISI304 stainless steel. Construction guarantees stable and efficient operation.
There in an opportunity to choose type of wheels- polyamide, with polyurethane tread, with rubber thread.
Other options available. Please send your inquiry:
Art. number BMPWRU4
Lifting capacity 2.300 kg
Fork length 800 / 1000 /1150 mm
Total length 1150 / 1350 /1500 mm
Fork width 160 mm
Fork spread 520 (686) mm
Minimum  forks height 85 mm
Maximum forks height 200 mm
Diameter of the steering wheels 200 mm
Dimensions of single rolls 80 x 92 mm
Twin rollers dimensions 80 x 72 mm
Turning radius 900 / 1100 / 1300 mm
Mass 52 (70) kg    59 (73) kg    62 (76) kg
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