Our mission

Boxmech's mission is to design and manufacture high-quality stainless steel equipment. We want to create machines that ensure smooth production processes and are ergonomically designed to protect production employees. Tippers, conveyors, mixers, dozers and other devices are additional reliable production "employees", ready to work in food, meat, fish processing, bakery, confectionery, automotive, and many other industries. The visual of a production line equipped  with Boxmech machinery motivates our engineers and production employees to work on new projects.

Industries that we work with

  • i1.pngmeat
  • i2.pngfish
  • i3.pngpoultry
  • i4.pngdairy
  • i5.pngfruits and vegetables
  • i6.pngbaking
  • i7.pngautomotive
  • i8.pngwaste
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