Whisks / Planetary mixers

Planetary mixers/whisks BMV-MIX

The very solid construction of the planetary mixer allows you to work with cakes and masses in the baking and confectionery industry. Thanks to the mechanical system of lifting and lowering the bowl, it is possible to work continuously without removing the tool. The innovative solution of the gearbox allowed for the multiplication of the torque, which translates into higher efficiency with lower energy consumption. A very precise arrangement between the tool and the pot allows the production of small amounts of masses, creams, cakes.
Thanks to the suggestions of our customers we build whisks with aeration of the bowl, drainer and lighting. These solutions guarantee very quick whipping of the product with its maximum aeration. Shortening the working time also reduces the temperature rise, which is very important in the production process. Another novelty is also the innovative 3D whip for the production of masses and confectionery doughs. The unique shape of the rod combined with aeration guarantees perfect parameters of cakes and masses.

Art. number: BMV-MIX
Inverter control stepless speed change
Programming 20 mixing receipes, time of mixing
Bowl lifting automatic
Number of tools 3
Size of bowls 60l, 80l, 100l, 120l
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