Trolley tumbler / mixer

For our most demanding customers that need massaging, marinating and mixing products, we have introduced trolley tumblers to our offer. The model marked with the BMMC symbol has an exceptionally wide range and versatility of use. The mixer works with standard trolleys with a capacity of 200 liters and processes up to 200 kg of the product in one cycle. In addition, the tumbler achieves a 50% vacuum degree, but it is possible to increase this parameter thanks to the use of reinforced trolleys. The mixing device is designed to ensure thorough massaging, mixing and marinating. It is also equipped with a digital monitor, on which in a simple and intuitive way we can program the time of starting work, its length or turning off the vacuum. The BOXMECH  mixer is also friendly in keeping clean and maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.
Art. number: BMMC
External dimensions:     1776 x 1874 x 2125 mm
Weight:     760 kg
Power:     400-480V
Material:     stainless steel
Mixing rotation:     smoothly regulated
Control:     Inverter
Trolley capacity:     200 l / 200 kg
Base:     on 4 feet
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