New mobile tipper for various dumping heights

In the last days, we delivered the first device from a new line of mobile tippers dumping for different heights. Thanks to the use of a special lifting and tipping system, it is possible to lift a large, heavy container up to 900 kg to a certain height (max 1651mm) and then tilt it. The stainless steel tippler BMS1200 UH is the most universal model of mobile tipplers dedicated to various types of containers.
This model is called wide tipper, this means that we place the container on the tipper, and more precisely on its profiles. Such a system of positioning a container or box on a tipper allows convenient access by a pallet truck. It is compatible with all palettes with a base 1200 × 800, 1200 × 1000 and 1200x1200mm available on the market.  Model BMS1200 UH, after extending the discharge tray, can handle insulated containers type 400, 430, 430, 600, 630, 660, 700.
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