2019 was a record year

As expected, the sales summary in 2019 exceeded the most optimistic forecasts. The company broke another record in sales and introduced new devices such as mixers for trolleys and mixers for loose products. Herring portioning lines and custom-made machines also proved to be bull’s-eye.
– This amazing progress is the result of very hard work of the whole team and constant listening to the needs of the market. It is also the effect of a high bar and a clearly set goal of building an increasingly stronger company and brand position. Sam Walton said „Great expectations are the key to everything,” and we stick to this motto – Tomasz Budrewicz commented.

A lot is happening on the investment side: a new warehouse hall is currently being built at the production plant, which is to meet the growing number of orders and ensure the safe inventory of steel and parts. We have also gained new people to our team.

The company is also optimistic in 2020. One of the reasons is the acquisition of strategic distributors in Russia, USA, Australia and South Korea who generate regular full container orders and the fact that at the beginning of this year we were able to receive an invitation to an exclusive group of suppliers of one of the largest meat processing networks in Poland.
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