The first tipper with airtight discharge

To meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, we designed and delivered mobile tipper  with airtight discharge. Thanks to the use of a specialized sealing system, emptying even liquid contents remains precisely and does not spill out of the tray. This is particularly important when emptying loose and liquid products.
The tipper was designed based on the BMS1000 model. In addition to the hermetic dump system, it has been equipped with safety nets, stabilizing feet as well as light and sound signals. Thanks to the use of a special lifting and tipping system, it is possible to lift a large container, heavy up to 900 kg. This model is called wide tipper, this means that we place the container on the tipper, and more precisely on its profiles. Such a system of placing a container or box on a tipper allows convenient access by a pallet truck. It is compatible with all pallets and pallet containers  with a base of 1200 × 1000 on the market
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