NEW! Semi-automatic line for packaging and clipping sausages

We are pleased to announce that the BOXMECH team has once again proved that they are not afraid of new challenges. Following the inquiry and order that we received, we are beginning the production of the first semi-automatic production line for packaging and clipping sausages. The principle of operation is simple- after emptying the container, the product goes to the drip table under which there is a brine tank. Then the product is placed in the feeder, which automatically places it in the smoking grid.
The next step is to clip the product that completes the process. The table is equipped with a pneumatic product feeding system and mesh threading attachments. Pneumatic clippers move on linear rollers, which guarantees precision and speeds up clipping operations. The customer can decide the number of clipping stations. The set includes a tipper, drip table and packing table with two clippers. 400V and pneumatic supply.
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