The new year brings new products

The first quarter of 2021 is the time of intensive work on new products. In the near future, Boxmech's offer will include several interesting devices, which are a response to the market needs. The most anticipated device is the trolley tumbler, also known as the mixer-tumbler. The task of the mixer is to massage and marinate various types of products placed in 200l cymbals. A novelty will also be a draining vibrating table. The device, also known as a vibrating feeder, will work mainly in the processing of vegetables and fruit.
The offer will also include lifters for washing trolleys and pallboxes, built on the basis of a frame for washing with a karcher device. The lifter will function like a tipper, but the tilt angle will be slightly different. The device is designed to improve the process of washing containers without the need to constantly overturn and rotate them on a dirty floor. We believe that the new products will find recognition and gain popularity among customers from the food industry.
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