Boxmech attend Process Expo in Chicago

During the event you will be able to learn more about the new Vacuum Mixer, Mobile Tippers and other Stainless Steel Equipment for Meat Processing.
We will be happy to show you our latest products that appeared in our offer during the pandemic. Schedule a meeting with our representatives who will be present at the event.
Nov. 2, 2021 - Nov. 5, 2021
McCormick Place
2301 S King Dr
Chicago, IL 60616


The first vacuum trolley tumbler from Boxmech

The long-awaited trolley tumbler went into mass production. This is another device for handling cymbals in our offer, despite the tipper and the washing frame. The tumbler is designed to safely mix the contents of 200l trolleys. The vacuum mixing method guarantees thorough mixing of all ingredients. This solution avoids damage to the product with the mixing blades. A modern touch panel with a friendly interface and the possibility of setting technological programs guarantees easy operation of the device.

Another "child" in the Boxmech family

Responding to the needs of the market, indicated in numerous inquiries about this type of product, we have created another device - a frame for washing trolleys.  Our "washer" allows for safe and effective access for washing, both inside and outside the container (base, wheels). The lifter is designed to significantly reduce the risk of injuries and accidents caused by manual handling of the containers during the washing process. The device is operated by one operator and does not put any strain on his back. Works with trolleys with a capacity of 120l, 200l, 300l.


The new year brings new products

The first quarter of 2021 is the time of intensive work on new products. In the near future, Boxmech's offer will include several interesting devices, which are a response to the market needs. The most anticipated device is the trolley tumbler, also known as the mixer-tumbler. The task of the mixer is to massage and marinate various types of products placed in 200l cymbals. A novelty will also be a draining vibrating table. The device, also known as a vibrating feeder, will work mainly in the processing of vegetables and fruit.

Pandemic, expansion and success - that was the past year at Boxmech

The Boxmech team looks ahead with calm. Despite the pandemic and many accompanying challenges, the company ended 2020 in a big positive. The last few weeks have been a time of summing up the effects of the strategy pursued so far, reflection and planning for the future. The past year was of course marked by the coronavirus pandemic, which affected some of the implementation of planned investments at our clients. Fortunately, the fear didn't last long. Dorota Starybrat, head of sales at Boxmech, tried to make a short summary.

Tippers in the COVID-19 vaccine production line

We are proud to announce that several Boxmech tippers in a few days will begin work in one of the first pharmaceutical companies in the world, that developed a vaccine against the coronavirus. The tippers will work directly at the production line and will help to cover the ready-made vaccines with ice so that they do not lose the recommended temperature and are acceptable to patients. This is the first application of this type of Boxmech tippers.

NEW! Semi-automatic line for packaging and clipping sausages

We are pleased to announce that the BOXMECH team has once again proved that they are not afraid of new challenges. Following the inquiry and order that we received, we are beginning the production of the first semi-automatic production line for packaging and clipping sausages. The principle of operation is simple- after emptying the container, the product goes to the drip table under which there is a brine tank. Then the product is placed in the feeder, which automatically places it in the smoking grid.

2019 was a record year

As expected, the sales summary in 2019 exceeded the most optimistic forecasts. The company broke another record in sales and introduced new devices such as mixers for trolleys and mixers for loose products. Herring portioning lines and custom-made machines also proved to be bull’s-eye.

Let’s meet at Food Tech in Warsaw

On March 3-5 at the Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn will be the largest International Food Technology Fair in Poland. It will be a great opportunity to talk about the benefits of using our devices in your plants. At the fair we will show number one in our sale- the tipper for trolleys. To receive a free invitation, please contact us by email. See you at stand no. 411 in hall E!

BOXMECH with a contract for the distribution of tippers and mixers in Korea

We would like to inform you about the next milestone in the export of our machines. This time we met a client and business partner from Seoul who successfully sells BOXMECH devices on the Asian market.

The first tipper with airtight discharge

To meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, we designed and delivered mobile tipper  with airtight discharge. Thanks to the use of a specialized sealing system, emptying even liquid contents remains precisely and does not spill out of the tray. This is particularly important when emptying loose and liquid products.

New mobile tipper for various dumping heights

In the last days, we delivered the first device from a new line of mobile tippers dumping for different heights. Thanks to the use of a special lifting and tipping system, it is possible to lift a large, heavy container up to 900 kg to a certain height (max 1651mm) and then tilt it. The stainless steel tippler BMS1200 UH is the most universal model of mobile tipplers dedicated to various types of containers.
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