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The first tipper with airtight discharge.

18 oct 2019

To meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, we designed and delivered mobile tipper  with airtight discharge. Thanks to the use of a specialized sealing system, emptying even liquid contents remains precisely and does not spill out of the tray. This is particularly important when emptying loose and liquid products.

The tipper was designed based on the BMS1000 model. In addition to the hermetic dump system, it has been equipped with safety nets, stabilizing feet as well as light and sound signals. Thanks to the use of a special lifting and tipping system, it is possible to lift a large container, heavy up to 900 kg. This model is called wide tipper, this means that we place the container on the tipper, and more precisely on its profiles. Such a system of placing a container or box on a tipper allows convenient access by a pallet truck. It is compatible with all pallets and pallet containers  with a base of 1200 × 1000 on the market

New mobile tipper for different heights

In the last days, we delivered the first device from a new line of mobile tippers dumping for different heights. Thanks to the use of a special lifting and tipping system, it is possible to lift a large, heavy container up to 900 kg to a certain height (max 1651mm) and then tilt it. The stainless steel tippler BMS1200 UH is the most universal model of mobile tipplers dedicated to various types of containers. This model is called wide tipper, this means that we place the container on the tipper, and more precisely on its profiles. Such a system of positioning a container or box on a tipper allows convenient access by a pallet truck. It is compatible with all palettes with a base 1200 × 800, 1200 × 1000 and 1200x1200mm available on the market.  Model BMS1200 UH, after extending the discharge tray, can handle insulated containers type 400, 430, 430, 600, 630, 660, 700.

Premiere of BOXMECH’s tippers at St. Petersburg fair!

During SEAFOOD RUSSIA EXPO i St. Petersburg we officially presented our tipper to Russian audience. We tried to give the best possible support to our representative from Kaliningrad who started to sell the devices starting from 2019 in Russian market.
– We’ve been receiving lots of inquiries regarding stainless tippers destined for food processors. The vast majority of fish processors have invested to renovate their production plants. BOXMECH’s tippers are of the highest quality so we decided to put them in our wide offer range – Vladimir Turchin, exclusive distributor of BOXMECH in Russia.

Petersburg’s event is the biggest event of its kind in Russia. Next edition will take place in July 2020. We will be there!.

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BOXMECH’s tipper „were twinkling” at Polfish!

18 jun 2019

Last days of May were concentrated at POLFISH, the biggest event for fish processors that takes place each two years in Amber Expo Gdańsk, Poland. From 29th to 31st May we presented tipper model BM-1000 which is compatible with insulated tubs and container made by FACH-PAK. We met there lots of our business partners. It was a great opportunity to exchange opinions, needs and future plans.

During the event we offered battery-supplied tipper destined for the most popular containers in the market. In comparison to other suppliers only BOXMECH had a mobile type of the tipper!

– We’re not surprised at all. Mobile stainless tippers are still a niche product but the demand still increases. I’m really statisfied that the BOXMECH is becoming a leader in polish market and it’s spreading activity on foreign ones – said Tomasz Budrewicz z BOXMECH. 

Tippers for BOXMECH conquers Brussels!

15 May 2019

From 7th to 9th May we were present at Seafood Expo Global 2019 in Brussels.

We presented BOXMECH’s wide range of products destined for fish processors.

– BOXMECH presence at the fair resulted in new business relations and ideas. The fair made us to believe that our offer is not attractive only in our domestic market but also abroad. This ensures us that all efforts we put into BOXMECH project were not for nothing! To prove it, let’s mention that presented device was sold to Belgian customer! – Jacek Wiśniewski, new project coorinator in BOXMECH. 

Premiere of BOXMECH’s tippers in Brussels.

10 Apr 2019

During European Seafood in Brussels (7-9 May) we will present new range of BOXMECH’s stainless steel tippers.

Thanks to growing distribution and constant development we’re present not only in Europe but also in the other continents!

Visit us in Brussels 7th – 9th May.  Hall no. 4, booth no. 5834!

Herring’s portioning line now available in BOXMECH.

 26 Mar 2019

Due to our declaration BOXMECH’s crew is not afraid of new challenges. We received an inquiry to design and build portioning line destined for herrings processing.

The infrastructure will be extended to two new BOXMECH’s stationary tippers that will operate insulated tubs type 660 made by FACH-PAK. Full customized devices are result of ncooperation with the customer. So far they we’ve been using 6 devices of ours!

Let’s discuss about BOXMECH’s machines in Boston!

22 Feb 2019

North America Seafood Expo in Boston will take place  17-19.03.2019. It will be the first time we present BOXMECH’s mobile tipper in the USA destined for the most popular fish totes 40×48’’. Boston’s Seafood fair is the biggest event for fish and frutti di mare processors. Visit our booth #780W! If you can’t be there you will be able to see BOXMECH’s devices this year in Brussels, Gdansk and Minsk. For more info please check section: FAIRS.

Column tippers now available from BOXMECH!

11 Feb 2019

BOXMECH’s offer range becomes larger! Here it comes the giant (yes, indeed)! Brand new column tipper can empty containers even up to 4 meters! Regular model has 2 kW, power supply of 400V and weight of 850 kgs. Customized heights from 1 to 5 m available on request. The biggest advantage of this device is its reliability and safe way of operation.

Such machines are being used in bakery, slather houses, fish processing.

Very first double tipper!

23 Jan 2017

BOXMECH likes challenges. Please welcome our brand new double tipper for containers 120×80 cm. It was built for one of the biggest fish processor from seaside are of Poland. This device was made for mixing two half-products at one time.


12 Jun 2017

After Boston and Brussels the time has come for domestic fair in Gdańsk. Amber Expo gathered lots of polish fish processors.

Fish processors are the biggest part of our customers that’s why we decided to participate in Polfish again. It’s a great opportunity to meet them in person and present new products. This year our no.1 is obviously stainless tipper designed for insulated tubs and single-wall containers. From now on we’re going to produce the devices under trademark BOXMECH – said Tomasz Budrewicz, CEO FACH-PAK Sp. z .o.o. Sp.k. – owner of BOXMECH.

PS. During POLFISH one of the device was sold because the customer couldn’t wait to start using it in his production plant!

BOXMECH starts production of stainless steel tippers for containers.

26 Apr 2016

Along with upcoming events Seafood Expo Global in Boston and Seafood Processing Global in Brussels we will officially present very first BOXMECH’s stainless tipper for containers and insulated tubs. Mobile type was made of the top quality materials and components.

– It took as half a year to finish works on design and construction of our tippers. It’s quite long but our aim was to build a product that will be robust and competitive with others available in the market. The tippers are lighter and stronger in comparison with the competitors. Also we put strong accent on individual customization so that the devices can be modified due to particular customer needs – said Tomasz Budrewicz, CEO FACH-PAK Sp. z .o.o. Sp. K. owner of Boxmech.

– BOXMECH’s tippers are compatible with insulated tubs and single-wall containers made by FACH-PAK. They were designed to fit to any others so their flexibility makes them one of the kind and customer-friendly equipment  – explains Marcin Bober, coordinator of BOXMECH.

According to board’s confirmation serial production is expected to begin in few months. Meanwhile our constructors are working now on new project. More details very soon. Stay tuned!